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Hello There, Furry

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2/18/06 12:17 am - ENOUGH WITH THE NUDGES.

You people don't get do you?We are furries because we feel we are spiritually closer to nature in our own way. So what if your Jewish, or German, or even Romanian. WE all in real life in people. Just people. Will it matter what you hated in twenty-two years?No.Is there not as much prejudice and racism today as there was in colonial times, yes. Is there still prejudice and racism today. Yes. Hate cannot cannot continue in the world. There is already enough hate, war, racism,prejudice in the world today. You might think I am a hippie, a crackpot, a dogfucker, even a whiner. NO! I am a country music lovin', horseback riding, hard studier to become a veteranarian, a down-to-earth person. I don't hate. I don't even hate you who disagree with this statement and that is. I am a furry and proud of it!

1/31/05 12:51 am - The Truth


I'm really ashi_moto, guys. One of you guessed correctly, but I'm too lazy to find the thread. 8)

I'd like to thank all of the furries who commented, as they proved my hypothesis. "Furries can't handle any kind of criticism what-so-ever." I'd also like to thank all of my anti-furry friends because you guys managed to get the funniest responses out of the furries.


1/28/05 11:44 pm - I'm glad to see you furries proved my point so well.

Thanks for playing! Get rid of your furry anger by listening to this stress-free mp3.


1/25/05 04:12 pm

I have been continuing my quest to learn more about furries! You all have helped me out greatly, but I have also been trying to take matters into my own hands with Google. I still must thank you for your contributions, though!

Unfortunately, I have not yet come across a skinny furry. Why are they all so fat? They're really humongous and appalling. I don't understand how so many of them can have mates. Don't they get crushed or something?

I don't know. Fat just isn't physically appealing. Why are so many furries attracted to it? Fat is like a light beacon in a vast sea of darkness for furries. :(

1/20/05 08:51 am - Curious

Okay, so I looked at that site camel_spider left in my journal. I believe it was godhatesfurries.com or something. Why do furries hate it? Is it inaccurate and such?

Please give feedback.

1/17/05 09:44 pm - SADU~

Why are furries so mean? :( All I did was ask a few questions, and then they came in here and completely bashed me.

1/12/05 05:04 pm - Thanks!!!

I want to thank everyone who added me and left comments. I'm not so great at this updating thing.

Okay, I've heard that foxes in the furry fandom love to yiff. All of these websites tell me that they just fuck all day long and only the perverts choose to use a fox as their fursona. Is this true?

10/26/04 01:47 pm - WHAT THE FUCK?

All furries do is yiff. What the fuck is this bullshit? I'm so disgusted.

I never want to hear about furries again.

10/26/04 12:54 pm - Okay.

I really want to learn more about furries. They're intriguing. Please tell me about the furry lifestyle here.

10/26/04 12:52 pm - Hello.

Hello, everyone.

I'm new here. Today, I went to the park and ate Sun Chips.

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